Power Station Effects - Report reprints

In this section is a searchable database of our unrivalled collection of grey literature, reports and studies on the ecology of power generation, representing a huge pool of data, much of which is otherwise unobtainable. The papers are listed alphabetically by author's surname.
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How To Search:
  • If you know the Author's name, simply scroll down the alphabetical list or use the jumps on each page.
  • To find a keyword, use your browser's Search function (Edit: 'Find - on this page' or Ctrl-F in Internet Explorer) on each page, or
  • Download the complete list as a zipped text file (119 KB), and search using a word processor.
  • When you find the paper you need, check price and how to order
Numbers at the end of the reference represent the number of pages, or the pages covered; for instance:
"EIFAC. 1968, Water quality criteria for European freshwater fish: report on water temperature and inland fisheries based mainly on Slavonic literature 32" - is 32 pages long
"G. J. Eicher Jr. 1946, Lethal alkalinity for trout in waters of low salt content 82-84" - is 3 pages long

If number of pages is not given for the report you require, please contact us for a price quotation.

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